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God's design plan

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Bible credibility

Reasoned faith

God's trinity

God's character

Heaven / Hell

Jesus only way?

Bible studies free

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"The most understandable presentation of Christian faith I have ever seen." J.B., Editor, Christian Faith International


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C.A., Maysville KY


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"Awesome tool for new and older Christians alike."  K.B., Houston TX


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Description of these free Bible studies


Everything essential to know about Christian faith has been distilled into nine parts, as shown at left.


Whole volumes could be written about each part, but distilled content in each part has been further compressed into one 6-8 minute video and two written pages.


The Bible studies free videos are animated (moving words, pictures and graphics) – no talking heads – to hold attention and focus. Each video – nine in total – is fast-moving, 6-8 minutes in length. Each video is a separate website and can be viewed on computer, tablet, smartphone, YouTube TV ... and can be shown to groups on TV screen or movie screen.


The Bible studies free pages are PDF so you can read them on any computer, tablet or smart phone ... and you can print them as handouts from any desktop printer.


The videos and pages can be downloaded to your hard drive ... and they can be transmitted via hotlinks, email attachments, CD/DVD and social media.


The total package is about 70 minutes of video and 20 pages of print, but the content is too rich for a single day, too much for anyone to comprehend at once. It is been designed into nine parts, for nine different days, to allow time for reflection and assimilation.


Who's doing this? Why? 


FaithExplorer is produced, distributed and fully funded by an individual who wishes to remain anonymous – 40 years in law, business and real estate – as a personal ministry. If it is important to know the person behind it, email request to


The lessons themselves make no mention of any person, organization or product. Focus is entirely on presenting the Gospel, without any credits or distractions.


The only motivation is to provide a clear and concise explanation of Christian faith, to help people discover a better life.


The lessons are Bible-based, non-denominational, in plain language. No theological jargon.


There is great confusion about who is a Christian. And most Christians cannot give compelling reasons for what and why they believe. People today are asking penetrating questions about Christians and what Christians believe. These lessons do not dodge the hard questions.


These lessons summarize everything essential to know about Christian faith – the rock-bottom basics, without getting lost in sectarian details and traditions. These lessons are (1) for people searching for a personal relationship with God and (2) for people who have this relationship but want an effective tool for explaining to others.


All Bible studies are free


Instant online access. No charges. No registration. No password. No sign-in.

You are never asked for your name or email. You don't get on anyone's email list. 

No products or services are solicited, promoted, endorsed or even mentioned.

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